Spring 2021 Michigan Native Plant Sale 

  1. Tree and shrub order pickup  Saturday, April 24th 9-5pm.  Tree pre-order CLOSED as their was a rush and high demand on many of the native tree species. Please plan to come to browse n’ buy April 24th 10-3pm
  2. Wildflowers and potted plants – Saturday, May 22nd 10-3pm. Pre-order by May 6th.

Pre-order online through the online STORE below or via the paper tree ORDER FORM or Wildflower ORDER FORM. Tree and shrub pre-orders will close for trees and shrubs on Friday, April 2, 2021 so we have time to coordinate with our conservation district nurseries. Plan on a social distancing drive by pickup Saturday, April 24th 9-5pm.

Instructions on social distancing drive-thru will be made available through signup genius like last year.

TREE/SHRUB pickup: Saturday, April 24th signup through the tree-signupgenius

WILD FLOWER pickup: Saturday, May 22nd signup through the wildflowers-signupgenius.

Browse and buy and pickup will be located at the corner of Leonard and Beltline: (just north of Meijer Gardens) following special guidelines. There are plenty of parking lots as it is a very large office complex. Thank you for your support of this important conservation fundraiser.

SIZE: Wildflowers are single species in a quart for $5.50 each. Tree seedlings are ~12-18 inch seedlings sold in bundles of 5, 10, 15, 20 +

QUESTIONS: KCD@MACD.org or office (616) 222-5801.

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