Fall 2021 Michigan Native Plant Sale Store

BROWSE N’ BUY: Please plan to attend the large browse and buy on Saturday, September 11th 10-3pm. 

Growers will have lots of potted plants displayed by three growers located at the corner of Leonard and Beltline: (just north of Meijer Gardens) following special guidelines. There are plenty of parking lots as it is a very large office complex. Thank you for your support of this important conservation fundraiser.

Two Saturday Sales:
1) Potted plant browse ‘n buy / open market place:  September 11th 10-3pm. Single quarts: $5.50 and various potted plants grown from multiple vendors.

2) Tree and Shrub per-order pickup: October 23rd 9-5pm. Many species & bundle options. Tree seedlings: $7- $15 (order via paper form HERE or through the online store below).

Where: 3260 Eagle Park Drive NE, Grand Rapids. KCD parking lot, corner of Leonard & Beltline.

QUESTIONS: KCD@MACD.org or office (616) 222-5801.


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