Support Kent Conservation District


1) Write a check to Kent Conservation District. Mail checks to Strike Team Services: 3200 Eagle Park DR NE, Suite 100 C, Grand Rapids, MI 49525.

2) Make a secure payment online at Click on the STORE tab– invasive treatments.


The District is run on grants. Your donation will support the many services that the Kent Conservation District provides to landowners. Reforestation, habitat enhancement, education, outreach, technical support for landowners, invasive species control are just a few of the many examples that your funding would help support. To make a financial contribution, please click the button below.

Donation Levels:

  • Friend ($10+)
  • Donor ($50+)
  • Patron ($100+)

Sponsorship Levels:

  • Conservationist ($250+)
  • Steward ($500)
  • Leader ($1,000+)

Sponsorship Levels Form



If you would like to see your land preserved for conservation purposes, then bequest is the easiest and most common method to leave your legacy for generations to come. By adding the Kent Conservation District to your will or living trust, you guarantee the preservation of your land, while still maintaining control of your assets. You can also make any changes, giving you great flexibility. Board of Director’s approval is needed to complete the donation. Please contact the Kent Conservation District for instructions on how to donate your property.


Another easy way to impact the environment without breaking the bank is to add the District as a beneficiary to your 401K, IRA, Roth IRA or any retirement plan. A great benefit is that you will receive a charitable income tax deduction by just changing the ownership and beneficiary of the policy. Any additional contribution to the policy’s premium will give you additional charitable tax deductions as well. Partial contribution is also possible if you designate only a portion of the coverage to the District.

Any retirement plan gift would be transferred to the Kent Conservation District free of estate tax and/or income tax.


By adding the Kent Conservation District to your beneficiary list of your life insurance policy, you help maintain and restore our water, air and environment. You may leave total or partial donation without the heavy taxation of estate and income taxes. An easy way to leave a legacy that will help restore wetlands, enhance grasslands and educate our future environmental enthusiasts.

Other Ways to Donate:

The Kent Conservation District was formed in May, 1946, and remains active to this day helping restore, protect, and manage natural resources. In this effort the District depends on your financial contributions to continue building on our successes and leading the way for hands-on conservation in your community.

A special thanks to all those supporting our efforts and leading the way for a better Kent County!

Donations may be mailed to us at:
Kent Conservation District
3260 Eagle Park Dr. NE, Suite 111
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Please write “donation” in the memo line.

Current Revenue: Kent Conservation District is a tax exempt organization eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions to fund its operations.The District earns a substantial portion of its revenue through its native plant sales and various grants. The Natural Resources Conservation Service provides in-kind services and use of office space. The District does not receive funds through the County.