Ryan Wilemski – Strike Team

Ryan Wilemski, Conservation Coordinator, graduated from Oakland University in 2017 and has been working for KCD since June of 2021. As of October of the same year, he has taken on increased responsibilities including scheduling invasive treatments, carrying out specialized trainings/workdays for oriental bittersweet cut stump procedures, and private landowner consultations. He also will be coordinating the strike team’s efforts for the DNR Habitat Restoration Grant – which aims to bring logged areas of Cannonsburg State Game Area back to the Oak Savanna ecosystem that it once was. He has nearly 4 years of field experience working primarily with invasive species management as well as native community assessment and restoration efforts. His experience includes one year working on the DNR Forest Health Crew primarily treating and surveying for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid/Oak Wilt, as well as working for the Oakland County Parks and Rec & USFS in the Rocky Mountains of Montana performing invasive ID and spraying. He is eager to work with his community to help tackle the threat of invasive species and looks forward to meeting you.


Best way to reach them is to email: kentstriketeam@gmail.com or fill out the treatment form at InvasivesActionKent.org.