Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP)

The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) provides free assistance for agricultural producers to be verified free from environmental risks. This voluntary program can educate growers, provide consultation services, and protect our natural resources. In the spirit of partnership, agricultural growers are provided with confidential expertise, and know they are in compliance with federal and state guidelines. MAEAP verification can be used for marketing your products, grown using sound agricultural practices.

MAEAP verification is for all sizes and types of farms and commodities including nurseries, greenhouses and fruit growers. Agricultural operations can be verified in any combination of three applicable systems: Farmstead, Cropping and Livestock. Call Kent Conservation District’s MAEAP Technician for more information on how to become MAEAP verified.

Our technician can offer you a free visit with a promise of confidentiality, summary of the benefits of participation, a concise explanation of the process and stories of farmers who have successfully completed the process.

Click the link to schedule a free and 100% confidential visit with your local MAEAP technician to discuss whether this voluntary program is right for you. 

Contact Us
Joel BettsBill Lindberg
Kent County’s MAEAP Technician
This program is free and voluntary. Everything we learn about your farm is 100% confidential. This is guaranteed by state law.

Farmers who earn MAEAP recognition will receive a sign to display on their farm. This sign will show that you are a top steward in your community. You may also benefit from regulatory protections and be at an advantage for additional expert help and cost share. Above all, you will earn an enduring sense of pride and accomplishment for your work.


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