Wild Petunia is native to much of the eastern US. This lovely plant isn’t actually a petunia (which are relatives of the tomato) but rather a member of the Acanthaceae family. Standing about a foot in height, Wild Petunia is an excellent addition to a bed with other short plants. Blooming throughout the hottest, driest times of the summer, Wild Petunia keeps performing while other plants are withering away, with showy lavender flowers. It is hardy in a variety of conditions and will grow almost anywhere except in swampy soils and shade. Wild Petunia spreads readily because when the seeds mature, they literally explode from the plant and can travel 10 feet. It makes a good ground cover, as plants reseed easily. When in flower, Wild Petunia attracts a wide variety of insect pollinators, but the lavender blooms are especially attractive to long tongued bees and butterflies. It is also a host plant for the larvae of the Common Buckeye butterfly.

Wild Petunia grows in average well-drained soil, with dry to medium moisture,in full sun to part shade. It is drought tolerant.