Round Leaf Ragwort is a spectacular wildflower for full sun to open shade. The showy flowers are typical of the Aster family, of which it is a member. They are daisy-like, up to 1″ across, with yellow disks and rays, and develop atop terminally-branched, 1′ tall slender stalks. The basal foliage forms a dense rosette of semi-evergreen, rounded, obovate, serrated leaves. The central, flowering stalk is mostly bare, with 2 or 3 alternate leaves that are much thinner than the basal ones, elongated and deeply lobed. While the foliage stays close to the ground forming an effective ground cover, the flowering stems will shoot up to a height of about 18″.

Highly adaptable and easy to grow, Round Leaf Ragwort can provide an effective semi-evergreen ground cover for moist soil, in full sun to open shade. It will tolerate dry conditions if grown as a shade plant in organically rich soil that will help it retain some moisture. It spreads by rhizome-forming fibrous roots and stolons, to form dense, weed-proof colonies. As with other Asters, the seeds are dispersed by the wind, and unwanted spread can be controlled by dead-heading. It enjoys a long blooming period of a month or more, from mid-spring to early summer.

Round Leaf Ragwort is a vigorous spring wildflower for sunny or shady areas of the landscape. Large naturalized plantings in woodland gardens can be spectacular in bloom. Cut off flowering stems after bloom and enjoy the semi-evergreen basal foliage which forms an attractive ground cover. Also effective in wild gardens, cottage gardens, native plant gardens, borders, or along streams/ponds. The flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies.

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