This kit contains 38 plants which are carefully selected to filter water, stabilize soils, and provide food and shelter for pollinators and birds throughout the growing season. Plants will thrive in fluctuating water conditions. Plants are 1” in diameter plugs. Species may include a combination of the following types of grasses, rushes, sedges and wildflowers: switch grass, Riddell’s goldenrod, boneset, joe pye weed, fox sedge, marsh blazing star, swamp milkweed, bottle gentian, cardinal flower, great blue lobelia, mountain mint, and white turtlehead.  Species diversity is chosen by the grower and varies from year to year.

A planting design for a 4’ x 10’ garden space is included with this kit. You simply match up numbers from the flat to the planting space or you may adapt the design. Your new garden will take two to three seasons to reach maturity and full blooming potential.

Smart Gardening for Shorelands: Soak Up the Rain with a Rain Garden – Gardening in Michigan (

Sample Rain Garden Kit Design