Prairie Coreopsis matures to a height of just 2′. It prefers medium to dry soil conditions and sets striking yellow flowers for 3-4 weeks, usually in June and July. Dead-head flowers to prolong bloom time.  It is tolerant of poor soils and drought and is deer resistant.  Beekeepers consider all Coreopsis species to be good honey sources.  Other common names in use include Tickseed, Stiff Tickseed, and Stiff Coreopsis.

Prairie Coreopsis features soft yellow, daisy-like flowers with flat yellow centers on top of stiff upright stems. Plants bloom from late spring to mid-summer and spreads by rhizomes and self-seeding. Leaves look like little hands (palmata). Grow in full sun to part shade, grows easily in loam soil that drains well. Tolerates heat, humidity and drought.

Plant in the border, native garden, naturalized area, prairie or wildflower meadow.

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