New Jersey Tea is a deciduous shrub that grows just 3′ tall and is compact and rounded by nature.  The dried leaves of New Jersey Tea make a flavorful tea that was popular during the Revolutionary War.  Deep tree-like roots of this shrub make it drought-tolerant but difficult to move once established so choose your spot wisely.  Light preference is full or part sun and medium-dry soil.  Deer and rabbits do like this shrub, especially when it is young so protect new transplants in the early years.

Cylindrical clusters (1-2″ long) of tiny, fragrant, white flowers (1/8″) appear on long stalks at the stem ends or upper leaf axils in late spring. Toothed, broad-ovate, medium to dark green leaves (to 4″ long) are gray and hairy below. Young twigs are noticeably yellow and stand out in winter.

Pollinators love New Jersey Tea’s white flowers, which bloom in May to June.

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New Jersey Tea

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