Bottlebrush Grass is a cool-season grass; it actively grows during the spring and fall when soil temperatures are cool. It  occurs in dry woodland areas and forms loose upright tufts of narrow-bladed, rough-textured, medium green leaves (to 12″ long). Greenish, bristly flower heads (9-10″ long) rise well above the foliage in summer, maturing to brown in late summer and persisting on the plant well into autumn. Flower heads resemble bottle brushes and are the best ornamental feature of this grass, particularly when backlit.

Bottlebrush Grass provides interesting texture and interest in shaded areas. It is one of the few native grasses that thrive in shade. Its tall, slender seedheads look graceful in dappled shade. It grows in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Adapts to wide range of soil conditions including heavy clay. Easily grown from seed and will readily self seed in the garden under optimum growing conditions.